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Amid Opioid Crisis, Sempermed USA Announces Four Nitrile Examination Gloves Tested and Approved to Provide Protection Against Fentanyl Exposure

Sempermed Admin

Sempermed is proud to announce that fentanyl permeation testing has been conducted on four Sempermed glove brands, and they have all passed. The four brands are: SemperCare® Nitrile, SemperForce® Nitrile, StarMed® Ultra Nitrile, and Tender Touch® Nitrile. A fifth brand, SemperShield® standard cuff, is currently out for testing, but is expected to pass testing as well. (I will link each of the above product names to the product page on our website).

The opioid crisis has become so prevalent that the United States Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, has issued a rare public health advisory urging friends and family of people at risk for opioid overdoses to carry the OD-reversal medication naloxone. He likened the treatment to other lifesaving interventions, such as knowing how to perform CPR or use an EpiPen (the last advisory issued focused on drinking during pregnancy, and was issued in 2005). “It’s (naloxone) easy to use, it’s lifesaving, and it’s available throughout the country fairly easily” Adams stated.

Fentanyl is the most potent opioid available for medical treatments. It is utilized as a surgical anesthetic or a narcotic for chronic, severe cancer pain. It is a Class II “Incapacitating Agent” per the CDC and is 8000% more potent than morphine.

Fentanyl is being produced and sold for a variety of reasons. It is sometimes used as a cutting agent, or can also be found in illegal drugs such as methamphetamine or cocaine. This could be intentional in order to increase the potency of the drugs, or a result of accidental cross contamination if the drug trafficker is selling multiple illicit drugs. Recreational fentanyl is also being illegally produced and sold as heroin or counterfeit Oxycodone pills, further complicating the opioid crisis that we face today.

Fentanyl can be inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin with effects ranging from disorientation, coughing, sedation, respiratory distress or even cardiac arrest occurring within seconds of contact. The DEA has deemed fentanyl an “unprecedented threat” and this drug is a concern for accidental exposure within EMS, police, and emergency room environments. These risk factors emphasize the importance of offering gloves that have been tested for fentanyl permeation, particularly for the EMS, police and emergency room environments.


Sempermed’s gloves were tested for fentanyl permeation by an accredited, DEA-compliant, independent testing laboratory. In accordance with standards, the gloves were specifically tested for breakthrough time – the point at which the chemical reaches a predetermined threshold on the opposite side of the glove film. The tests demonstrated that there was no permeation over the duration of the test period (240 minutes) for the four brands listed.

For questions or concerns, please call Sempermed Customer Service at 800.366.9545.