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Don’t Freak Out When I Say the Words…

Sempermed Admin


When you hear the words, “exam glove evaluation” or “exam glove implementation” what are your initial thoughts and feelings? Is your first thought to run? If this is your first reaction, I think it is safe to assume that you’ll have a different opinion once you hear how Sempermed’s process differs from other competitors.  With Sempermed, we can offer you a team of glove experts who can provide you with full support during every shift throughout the glove evaluation and implementation process.

I can’t tell you how many times we have heard horror stories from our customers most of which include previous glove evaluations going wrong logistically and emotionally. We have been told hospitals were being required to conduct their own evaluation, answer all the new product specific questions from employees and resolve any issue that may arise.

So wouldn’t you like to experience a smooth and effortless glove evaluation? How about working with a team of glove experts who could manage the entire implementation process? The extra value that would bring to you and your company is tremendous.

What’s different about Sempermed, you ask? Let me explain. Once you have agreed to do a glove evaluation, Sempermed will provide a custom Evaluation Form. The form clearly identifies how many cases of product will be needed, which departments will participate in the evaluation, a deadline date for sample product to arrive, and the acceptance level required for a conversion.  This evaluation form is a great tool to keep both Sempermed and your hospital on track, helping determine the success of the evaluation.  Once the evaluation comes to a close, Sempermed is responsible for picking the various evaluation forms from each department compiling a roll-up report.

When the glove evaluation begins, Sempermed ensures there is at least 1 glove expert present per every 200 beds.  For example, in a 1,000 bed hospital we will provide you with a team of 5 experts.  We will also ensure that a glove expert will be present during every shift. The Sempermed evaluation team will be in charge of taking Sempermed product to the correct departments and loading them onto the floors, as well as taking the old, existing product out before the evaluation starts.  Sempermed’s evaluation team makes sure the existing product is stored in an approved location away from workspace.  At the completion of the evaluation, the team will remove the Sempermed product and replace the original product eliminating confusion. Sempermed provides a full service experience to help reduce your time and labor costs during this process.

Once the evaluation has ended and you have made the decision to switch to Sempermed, the Sempermed Evaluation Team will be more than happy to come back to complete the implementation process. Why?  Because Sempermed is committed to providing our customers the full support they need. Sempermed ensures someone is there to make sure all end-users are sized correctly, all questions are answered and any potential issues are resolved immediately.  For example, if Nurse Nancy has been using the same glove for 7 years, she may be reluctant to switch to a new glove or have some concerns that will need to be addressed directly. This is exactly why Sempermed’s team is on hand for the implementation.

Additionally, a local Territory Manager will conduct a regular service call.  The regular face-to-face meetings will be arranged so that key personnel can inquire about exam gloves, Sempermed knows there could be questions or issues that will need to be addressed. Therefore the “Glove Expert” can mitigate any potential issue immediately so that they do not fester and become a major problem.

So, what would it take to get you to consider a glove evaluation with Sempermed? Do you know if you are using the correct glove for your department? Could there be a better glove with added value? Are you looking for ways to reduce costs and save money? If so, I encourage you to contact your local Territory Manager to discuss a customize hand protection program.